Feature request: Swayfire


I was wondering if Swayfire could be integrated into Garuda Wayfire as a hotkey toggle or something similar. Link to repository.


Hi, I just checked the github repository. The developer makes this statement:

" NOTE: Swayfire is currently still in early development and not meant to be used yet."

And will you need a hotkey to return from Swayfire? Please wait for the developer to finish the software.



Even Wayfire is not finished... Why are we supporting Wayfire?

I mean, rarely is software really "finished," but Wayfire's most recent releases have been largely bugfixes afaik. As mentioned, Swayfire states it is in early development and explicitly notes it is not meant to be used yet. But hasn't seen any commits in two months.

It looks like there's an AUR package, though, so if it works I don't think it'd be hard to drop in to an existing Wayfire install.


Good point! Yes, it is in early development, yes it shouldn't be relied upon on daily workflows; these are just guidelines, and it is up to the user to decide. Including Swayfire in the setup assistant should be OK, and maybe a few lines of scripting to add the hotkey. I would integrate it, but I am up for a middle ground.

On that note other FOSS projects that are in early development should also be included, provided they are general enough for the Garuda userbase. FOSS is hard, early development FOSS is even harder.

PS: The fact that Wayfire has no major release means that it's core functionalities have not been implemented yet. But yes, most of the changes lately have been bugfixes.