Failed to install black arch garuda

hallo bro,im new here i got some problem i need help.
i failed when trying to install black arch garuda linux,
the error :
boost.python error in job"networkcfg"

You were asked to provide a certain level of detail to help people help you.

The error by itself is meaningless, other than some part of the process failed.

You might also want to start with a more standard edition - BlackArch is intended for people who know what they are doing.


:sweat_smile: i hear black arch is the easy one too use,that why i use that

Where? From whom? In what way?

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from youtuber

Assume all YouTube videos are wrong, and you'll be far better off.


Anyway, a quick internet search...

Install with wifi disabled


maybe you right.xD

i will try bro

I hope so.
Just the very first hit of my DDG :wink:


Hey bro, if you insist on using the Black Arch edition you need to brush up on your search skills. Black Arch is only intended for advanced Linux users with plenty of experience.

For others, if you ever experience an error during installation that pertains to networking then perform an offline install. This workaround should usually allow you to install Garuda. Once Garuda is installed you can correct whatever networking issue that was preventing Garuda from installing properly.