Failed login after sleep or at the start

Hi friends

Using Garuda KDE Dr460nized

Having login failed error after suspend mode, lock screen mode or at system start up

After 2 0r 3 attempts, the login logo stops working.

Then i have to restart to enter

Doesn't happen everytime but once everyday or two

Sometimes lot of work wasted as i coun't save it, please help

That's the most concerning thing.

It could just be the bad configuration of your keyboard layout, or something relevant.

Check your locale and keyboard settings.
For example:

grep "=" /etc/locale.conf
grep "=" $HOME/.config/plasma-localerc
grep "=" $HOME/.config/kxkbrc
cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf

... and more...
Look at Archwiki for more on keyboard layout.

In case you are locked out again, go to TTY3 (Ctrl+Alt+3) , login (if you can :laughing: ) and run

loginctl unlock-sessions

See man loginctl for usage.


Thanks so much, will check.

Also i get, " *Failed to start Deactivate Plymouth Boot Screen" after failed login restart

One issue at a time.
It maybe related to your current symptoms, although it could have to do with video drivers configuration. But first solve one problem and then go for the rest. :man_shrugging: