to all the developers of these distributions, my congratulations, right now I'm using the garuda kde edition, I really like kde, and then I'm going to test the Dr460nized version, thank you very much, this is one of the best distros I've tested, I loved it the kde version, and I will test all the other versions, because just as I was fascinated with Garuda kde, sertely I will also be imprecined, for the ease, in the installation of drivers, the beauty of the system, the custom made by you, this is the OS I've been looking for my whole life, I'm a hardware enthusiast, right now I'm taking a programming course, and I love Open Sorce and Linux, I'm studying more and more to deepen my knowledge in the world of You. world of programming and Open Sorce technologies a short time ago but each day that passes I am more fascinated and I have more desire to learn, although my knowledge is still not much in this area, I will continue to study each day a, if I can contribute in any way to help in the development of the Garuda program, you can count on my help :wink: I LOVEEEEEE THE GARUDA LINUX PROGETO


Welcome to the Garuda Forum. I also like the KDE version.



Nice to see young budding programmers taking an interest in the distro. This bodes well for Garuda's long term development.