EXT4 support in Garuda Linux

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Frankly this is my favourite Arch-based distro so far.
I had no problems with NV drivers etc. but I did have a problem with GRUB..
So there are some tools to restore GRUB for example with Timeshift but it has a bug where it's nearly impossible (especially for noobs) to restore it and it's all because of BTRFS -> Timeshift does not recognize BTRFS subvolume structure · Issue #241 · teejee2008/timeshift · GitHub
So please allow EXTR4 to be used aswell as it is more stable.

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Well there are plenty other distribution
Which uses ext4
And you can customize them

But we wont support anything other than btrfs
Unless some other filesystem is in kernel and also has snapshot feature



I'm curious, what was your problem with GRUB? I've installed Garuda a handful of times on different machines and have not had any problems.

No doubt, ext4 is a benchmark .... but btrfs is right there too. The snapshot feature in a rolling release makes absolute sense. It's the hallmark of Garuda. In fact, I think there are quite a few distros who are roadmapping a migration to btrfs, including Ubuntu. Even Manjaro will be offering the option in the installer in the near-ish future.

Like most others, I've been an ext4 road warrior ... but didn't flinch on a requirement to switch to btrfs. If you keep a good backup plan, you should be just fine.


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Did you actually read the full content of the bug report you linked? That thread, for at least the last dozen posts details ways to get timeshift working properly with abnormal partition layouts.

Do you have some rather convoluted multi-bnoot setup or something, because most others don't have issues using btrfs with timeshift. That thread details alternate ways from different users how to get it working with a non-conventional layout.

I'd suggest if you are a noob as you state, that you should stick to the default full disk Garuda install method. The default Garuda install should normally be able to restore your timeshift backups without any major problems.

If you are having issues restoring your snapshots using timeshift, then perhaps you are restoring improperly. Search the forum for recent threads regarding users with timeshift restore problems and you likely will find these users were performing their restore operations incorrectly. The directions are on these recent threads for how to restore correctly using grub and timeshift snapshots.

The bug report you linked contains instructions from numerous users on how to correct the partition layout if you don't have it set up to work correctly with btrfs and timeshift. If you are as you state a noob, (and you are incapable of following those instructions), then I'd suggest you should stick to a normal partition layout as comes by default with Garuda. The distro is not going to modify the entire foundation it's built upon, because some users wish to run a non-stardard setup and can't figure out how to configure that themselves.

The distro has made it very clear from the start that non-standard installation methods are not supported, (and likely never will be).

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