Everything about Chaotic-AUR packages

There's not a much advantage in having this in Chaotic-AUR as it's a binary package and takes very little time to prepare. Most of the time needed is downloading the file from Bitwig, which is going to be the same as downloading it from Chaotic-AUR.


No worries either way, Iā€™m new to all this so I didn't exactly realize the resource requirements. Personally I wouldn't need legacy, beta just allows for previews I look forward to (in this case the new release of Bitwig 4). I can go off and learn how to build it myself and all if anything :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sometime ago, I noticed that bitwig-studio-beta was older than bitwig-studio. So maybe after the beta testing is over, all the updates (until the next beta release) will be with bitwig-studio only :man_shrugging:


Then we should also remove bitwig-studio from Chaotic AUR. It is a fairly large package(around 240mb).


Its one of the packages which are being offered in the setup assistant so its in for a reason :wink:


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When i run
pacman -S xxx
i get "x" noot found even tho its on the AUR updating the sys doesn't fix this issue

Pacman is the official package manager for the arch repos. The aur is not an official arch repo. For that you need an aur helper like yay or paru.


Wait what?! I though pacman did it all lmao I didn't know aur wasn't the official repo, demn nice to know

AUR = Arch User Repository.


Another suggestion: I want neovide-bin if possible in chaotic-aur repo pls. I just cant leave neovim xD

I've got a suggestion, but it's a tough one. I could possibly help with a little guidance. I'm willing, anyway... and if it's too much of a request for now, It's okay....but what about alma-git and some .toml files for making KDE Dragonized persistent USBs? I could start learning how to put together the .toml files if needed, but I'm not really aware how tough that would be. And it's possibly over my head. Maybe even persistent live USBs with an included installer that could be updated and you guys would be the first to make rolling release, updatable, persistent USB installers. I don't know if that's doable, but it seems possible to me.


Added. :slight_smile:

I'm totally down for that! :smiley: Just had a quick look at alma, looks pretty handy! The only things which might be an issue is compatibility and drivers as well as "replicating" every feature which is available in regular installations due to our build tools :eyes:
Having in mind it could be a feature limited USB version of dr460nized I still see value in this and added alma-git to the repo - what about you just have a look at it and report back after getting a feel for how it works? :grin:


Yes, sir. I've actually already got a feel for it from working with it in another distro, but it takes some special files with a .toml extension. I need to look into it to see how complicated they are to put together. and the rolling release, updatable installer is my own idea. Seems cool. Imagine not having to look for and download the latest iso; just boot your persistent computer on a stick, update it with pacman, and it's always ready to install the latest version. This is the first I've shared the idea publicly.

Unfortunately, when I switched to Garuda I trashed my home partition to make it btrfs and lost my alma work directory so I'll have to spend a little time getting it all back together and sorted.


I would like to install BiglyBT , however it won't install without jna . and jna seems to be missing

Just optional, if you need you must build.


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@dr460nf1r3 since this fix works, can connman-git, connman-gtk-git, and cmst-git be added to chaotic?


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Wasnt aware of them not being present already, will add them later :blush:
And we will replace connman with networkmanager soon anyway, to have a unified way of using networks / providing support (eg. I don't even know how to operate it :sweat_smile:)

Edit: done :wink:


this is about requesting new packages, right ?

right now, chaotic-aur almost has everything i need. just 2 things:

bcache-tools 1.1-1
libgaminggear 0.15.1-8
roccat-tools-common 5.9.0-2
roccat-tools-kova2016 5.9.0-2
roccat-tools-ryosmk 5.9.0-2

bcache-tools is for enabling bcache, which allows my nvme to be used for cache for my 1T hdd. it ... is ... absolutely amazing to improve speed of the hdd. ( not to confuse with bcachefs-tools which is already on the repos ).

the other packages are roccat-tools, I have a roccat keyboard and mouse.

.... please ??? ....

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Sounds reasonable to me and the packages might actually be useful to other people so I added them.