Every Package fails

I have just installed Garuda and am excited about using it but every package that I try to install cusing add/remove software comes up with "error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package)" and no package gets installed. What am I doing wrong.

What is the command you are typing, and what is its exact output?


Read the FAQ.

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Have you considered removing PAMAC and its ilk from the ISO?

IMO, Garuda can't push being all that close to Arch, if so-called 'package management/add:remove software' causes as many problems as it does at present. What separates it from Manjaro, per se?

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Is that necessarily a pamac issue though? I just updated my garuda vm over the weekend via pacman - Syu and got the same message.

Cleared cache, Did a full refresh of the mirrors, Syyu'ed it and it was resolved IIRC. Or maybe I refreshed and redid the gpg keys, I can't recall. It was sorted in any case.

I think pamac is a useful tool for adhoc package management (I add it to all my arch based distros: anarchy, artix and the now departed archdeepin) but maybe the way is for garuda to advise users that all upgrades be done via pacman in terminal.

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I fully agree with this sentiment, except we all know only 5% of new users will ever willingly use the terminal.


Since the Garuda forum helpers are already more blunt (heh, looking at you, @tbg ) than Manjaro helpers about their expectations for users of Garuda, why not add that expectation as well?

Not all users will comply, but there will be some who will try terminal upgrades and realise how much more straightforward it is.


Yes, that's me all over.

You got me pegged.

I came from a time when you said what you meant, and you meant what you said.

That makes me somewhat of an anachronism these days.

We could try, but sadly I think it would be ignored by most new users.

I always give my view on the GUI package managers as nice to browse, but you don't want to use for upgrades. No one listens to me though. :wink:


If you search for the error message you'd find other threads, and this one too:


Thanks Jonathon. Updating the package signing keys seemed to do the trick!

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