Even with research I dont understand octopi

when I get apps to be installed what do I do to actually install?file:///home/taterofwedges/Pictures/Screenshot_4.png

Open a terminal. Type in

sudo pacman -S [program-name]

(obviously replace [program-name] with the name of your program)

If you do not know the specific name of the program you can search for it beforehand by using

pacman -Ss [program-name]

Or use Octopi to find that out. I don't think it's advised to use Octopi to install programs.

It is advisable to first do a system-update with


If you really want to use it, I guess there are many tutorials on the Internet, or even better, the official sites:
Octopi - Manjaro
Octopi – Tinta Escura


ok i will use the terminal if im not supposed to use octopi


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