Error:You need to load the kernel first

So I messed up and need your help. I somehow was studpid enough to mess up "sudo pacman -Syu" update and now I cant boot. I use Garuda GNOME.

I dont have timeshift or anything like that and now i have learnt why I should have it.
I read in another forum post that i should use chroot from a live usb and
sudo pacman -S linux-zen? Would it work or should i do something else?

In case it helps i thought updating while in edex-ui would be a good idea and i accidently alt-f4 ed from it and then this issue raised up.

I f you use Garuda, use last working snapshot, snapper is installed by default.
Use garuda-update in terminal, always.
With live ISO you can chroot and update your system too.

What is edex-ui?


also would i have my files in last working snapshot i never made a new snapshot, have been using garuda since Nov last year and i dont want to lose my files.
How can i garuda-update from terminal if i cant boot the system?
what i see at boot

Also thanks for the early reply

Snapshot use / not your home folder.
As always, backup, backup, backup.


So this means I will lose all my files right?
Is there a way to not looses them?(Sorry for asking too many questions)

No, unless you have changed the default settings.

Just search in forum :slight_smile:


Thank you my system is back up and running thanks to you :slight_smile:


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