Error when compiling C applications

Hello first time poster. I'm trying to write a gtk application in C I'm having compiling issues. Gtk/gtk.h
seem to be missing. I've tried running pkg-build gtk 3.0 is installed. I'm not really sure where to go from here.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is your system fully updated, and rebooted?


Yes, upgraded system and rebooted.

makepkg --syncdeps will have makepkg fetch the compile-time dependencies that are missing.


I'm not trying install software sorry for the confusion. I'm trying to compile it but the library is already installed.

The runtime library certainly is. I don't know if GTK has compile-time dependancies, but it is my experience that a complaint about missing libs when you have those libraries = missing compile-time libraries or other dependencies.


This implies you have not included the library in your compiler include path, e.g. -Igtk-3.0 .


Lol who knows? I got lazy and just git cloned it. Sorry I forgot to mark as resolved.

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