Error running dkms autoinstall

Hello all.

So I figured since I have a kick ass nvidia card I should use it with this shiny distro, so I thought I would the proprietary drivers.

So I updated with:

sudo pacman -Syu
and ran
sudo dkms autoinstall

and it ran until it exited with an error which gave me this log:

Any ideas?

The rtl88x2ce driver is failing to build.

It looks like it may be incompatible with the 5.11 kernel:

Make sure you still actually do need this driver with 5.11 before trying to fix it.


Need it? Yeah that's actually a good point. Do I need it? Is there any way to tell?
I have noticed some slight screen tearing diagonally across my screen when scrolling, which is actually what made me start looking at my video drivers figuring the proprietary drivers might be better.
How good are the open source drivers?
If it's not worth bothering and there's no fix I will just tolerate the screen tearing, but usually if there's a way I can make something better I want to know about it. I want to get the best from my machine.

Does your wifi connection work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of course you are right, however I have whoogled the ass off it and I'm still not any closer to understanding why my kernel might determine why I need a proprietary driver or not. :man_shrugging:

so.... I don't know anymore, the open-source drivers seem fine, I'd love to be rid of this screen tearing though.

I have been searching for an answer to this online but I can't find anything related to a 1660Ti, the proprietary Nvidia drivers and the 5.11 kernel, and why or why not they should work together or if I need them.

I do know from experience that often the nouveaux drivers are not getting the best from your hardware.
I also haven't usually had trouble switching to the proprietary driver.

edit2: @jonathon now I understand your comment and why I'm getting confused. The rtl88x2ce driver is a WLAN driver.
No I don't necessarily need a WLAN driver, I'm trying to update my NVIDIA driver to the proprietary.

edit3: after extensive searching I did find this page > which states that my GPU is compatible with the 5.11.4 kernel