Error install

When I go to usb boot to install, choose boot with source drive, the screen goes black and nothing shows up (I use amd graphics card).
with all version are failed on.

Please use forum search upper right
black screen
and read wiki "reporting bugs".


I can't remember such an option...
Can you be more specific, or sure about the name you selected?


I chose boot with open source drivers

I am not sure what's happening.
Some advice:
The starting time is long. It takes several minutes some times.
If you don't have ethernet network (no internet), try with network (smartphone USB tethering). If you do have internet, try without. :man_shrugging:
You may try the Barebones ISO, which boots to linux-lts kernel and is he most reliable in such cases.


Hello. Welcome to the community :grin:

I been there to when I clean install my laptop.

Here how I do with when I'm flashing my flash drive to become Live USB to install Garuda.

  1. Download the .iso
  2. Download the sha256.checksum
  3. Make new folder and put it both inside it
  4. Run Balena Etcher to flash my flash drive
  5. Follow the directions from Balena Etcher
  6. After done flashing, I restart my laptop and booting from my Live USB.
  7. booting with open source/free driver and done

I hope it help. Good luck :wave:

or you can read this

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