Error after updating. strange message in the terminal console

After updating, I got this strange error code in cosol

Search forums before before posting.


@pata66 you have been a member of our forum for longer than 90% of Garuda users. Generally, newbies are the ones who do not search errors and then post pictures of the errors on our forum. This practice defeats the entire purpose of the forum as a searchable reference source. Pictures are not searchable and therefore are forbidden to be posted on technical help requests on our forum.

This is a never ending battle with newbies, but as a long time member you certainly should know better. A newbie may get by with a rebuke for doing this, but long time members should know better. To put an end to the lazy practice more stringent measures must be taken against offenders not adhering to accepted practices on our forum.

As such you have the distinction of being the first person on our forum to get an official warning and suspension for violating our posting guidelines.

This practice of posting terminal outputs as pictures must stop and asking users to do so politely is not working. Therefore disciplining users may get their attention and stop these pointless posts.

You are officially warned and suspended from the forum for a week for violation the forums posting guidlines as specified on the Garuda Wiki.