~~~ Enter garuda-inxi Enter ~~~

when I was running another post, someone asked me to paste the Garuda-inxi command. Someone somewhere mentioned that I should read the basic documents on improving gui interface elements, I also found something interesting for me, a program listing my hardware. In the command and in the garuda asiistant / systemSpecs application, I have parameters to which category to paste the list of my equipment. For what and who will this information be needed?

The garuda-inxi, as terminal output or copied from the relevant Garuda Assistant tool (same information), is required for every new topic (at least those related to issues) in order to let the helpers understand your system specs and start troubleshooting / suggesting solutions.
If you don't want to paste it every time, you could make an entry of your own in the inxi category and just reference it in your topics:

You will have anyway to keep it up-to-date, since your system will change over time (e.g. kernel and drivers versions).

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for what purpose do I present them on the forum?

Because it is a forum rule, give it or take it...

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then give the specifications?

Now use the "</>" from the menu in your post and add your data in between.

like this

what data? My name ? don't understand.

The output from garuda-inxi.
Copy and paste it into the field.

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[[email protected] pitrunio51]#

I edited your garuda-inxi.
Open the post in Edit mode and check what I added at the beginning and the end


i'm sorry but i accidentally hit bin and give another time

I do not really see the difference, but indicate what has changed, please

how use the new settings ?

It is much more readable.
Believe me, for people offering help in their free time, and often from the mobile, this makes a difference


how much ?

2 weeks, quiet time enough?


I think everything has been said and done about garuda-inxi and I'll close it here.

For free :slight_smile:
We're looking forward to reading a properly documented, real, issue request now. :wink: