Enhancement Request: Switch to mediacontroller_plus

Hey there,
sorry for posting in issues. Dont know where to post Feature Requests for KDE.
I think it would be nice if we could switch the media controller in the top bar to mediacontroller_plus(mediacontroller_plus - pling.com). It has more options and is better if you have multiple media sources playing.
Would be nice to hear what you think about it :blush:

Moved to feedback / requests :blush:


Hmm, maybe too early to change, last commit 2 months ago.

From August 2021

Margins not working on LatteDock

Margins not working on LatteDock #24


ismailof opened this issue on Aug 28 · 1 comment


ismailof commented on Aug 28

Hi there. I was about to ask for a feature request for either a general margin or max height. My use case is slightly different than @Davincible, I'm using the widget on a Latte dock, and it looks a little out of scale with the other icons in the panel.


I can specify a margin for items in Latte's own application widget through Latte's settings, but it has no effect on other widgets.


Edit: Sorry, pasted the totally wrong the screen shot initially.

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rubin110 commented on Aug 28

Hey thanks.


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