Encrypted boot partition - pass initially failing

Hi All!

I just installed a fresh garuda on a fresh ssd. I installed this with an encrypted partition.
When I boot, it asks for the passphrase. When entered it says that it is incorrect. It shows me 'Access denied. No such cryptodisk found'. I am thrown in GRUB rescue. Upon some help in archlinux IRC channel, I can get around by using cryptomount (hd2,gpt2) -> when asked for passphrase, I type it again. It always succeeds on second go and I see 'Slot 0 opened'. -> run insmod normal -> run normal -> procced to boot further.

I am not sure why GRUB is unable to take my passphrase on first go. I have dismissed it to be a human error since I have reproduced this issue many times since then. The second attempt always succeeds.

Any thoughts?

Hi Yeders,

I found this problem too, when I had different keyboard languages installed from fresh install.

British Keyboard is different to US Keyboard Layout. When I input the password, it would input the keys from that language layout I chose from the installer for the keyboard.