Emby and .Net Core Runtime

Long story short I installed Emby the other day and added a couple of libraries(specifically TV Series and Movie Series). The day before yesterday I created a library for Movies that don't belong to any collection. Yesterday when I tried to use identify to fix the information on movies that weren't properly identified the search would not bring up anything from TheMovieDB. I put in a help request on the Emby forums and below is the info Luke gave me from looking at my log file. From what he stated sounds like I might be better off asking here what I can do to fix the problem. As I told him what he suggest is above my skill level, I wouldn't even begin to know what to do. Anyone have any idea on how to address this and possibly fix it? Thanks in advance.

All of your outgoing communications to MovieDb are failing. Looks like an issue with the trust store on your system. Is that potentially out of date? I would make sure your system is fully up to date.

Actually taking another look at the error it looks like it's being thrown by the .NET Core runtime. You can see it here:


This is a little hacky but try creating an environment variable called HOME that points to your system user's home directory.


Can I get some help doing this? Thanks