Electricity noise

Whenever I don’t have anything playing I have electricity noise, but I remember when I changed the garuda theme and started using another theme, that problem stopped, when i went back to garuda theme, it came back.
I also have the electricity noise when audio is playing but much less than with no audio playing

Please provide the garuda-inxi. Always follow the template.


Tried calling an electrical engineer?


What goes wrong that you have to repeat this over and over and over again?

Answer: stop responding to deleted preferences if they are relevant.

taking a page from bro’s book, People being lazy and thinking oh they must not be talking about me is all it boils down to.

Take this issue at hand. The op has commented what’s troubling them but has probably not made a single effort to resolve the issue on their own and hasn’t even provided the community basic info like the inxi to work with on their system. How do they expect us to help? Magically apparate in their homes and take a crack at their systems?

I usually prefer to still give everyone in my life a chance who knows if asking them once was all it took to turn them around.


He only does it when I don’t :slight_smile:

What is going wrong?
Many people don’t read anymore, or they need pictures or a YT video to understand even the simplest things. But I can’t judge that in this case. Maybe it’s just slight negligence.


The garuda-inxi is actually a great feature of this community. In other communities, you’re playing guess-work and digging around the logs to try to find relevant info. Here you solve the problem with just a single command that even your granny can run.


Be that as it may, it’s annoying to remember the deleted text every time.
We just have to learn with it.

@SGS how about you set this up to auto close help requests without a garuda-inxi?

On post created, check for … hmm, maybe check for “clocksource” (and add to the issue template that you should type it out if you can’t provide an inxi) - that’s a word that only inxi seems to contain, and which I don’t think anyone would use in a normal conversation/help request. If it’s missing, just close the request

Guys, I’m sorry I forgot the inix, I will provide it when the electricity comes back, I just posted this last minute before electricity outage, because I’m in Syria and we have planned electricity outage. Sorry for the problems caused in the replies


when I changed the garuda theme and started using another theme, that problem stopped

I remember a similar problem with a TV, noise in the speakers depending on the contrast of the image. I’d say it’s probably a case of interference.
Is it internal speakers, headphones, or is it external speakers/monitor?
Electrical impedance mismatch is often a part of it.
Or something not making good contact, in case there is cabling involved.


Should be possible to setup a bot that sends a notification automatically, and then close within 3 days. Bot could move post into a hidden section, give a warning, wait 3 days, make post public after it has the inxi.

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Even if that would work, we also offer areas without garuda-inxi. And then everyone would post there, just out of protest :smiley: , wouldn’t they?


I doubt it. People who don’t read the template also don’t bother to read the tags, so I assume that you’d just save yourself a lot of work

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“This plugin is available for our Business and Enterprise tariffs.”

I don’t think we have that with the self-hosted version.

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that only seems to affect you if you’re hosting discourse on their servers, but I kinda doubt that

Hosted by us? This plugin is available on our Business and Enterprise plans

Yes, you can read it like that.
If someone from the @admin team has time to test this, I can’t implement it :slight_smile:

Things I thought were impossible. But now that what you say it, things become possible.

I also used to hear the local airport tower in my radio long ago.
I really hated it when I was trying to record me playing guitar, it was either aeroplane engines or radio squelching all over it. It sort of covered my lousy playing though.

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Off-topic, My nephew’s daughter lives in Düsseldorf, right in the fight path. The advantage is that she can wave to her Dad when he flies in.

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