ELAN touchpad not working after garuda installation, but works from live usb

Hello! I'm a bit of a noob here. I just installed latest garuda linux (kde plasma, media version) and while everyhting was working on the live usb, once i installed the os the touchpad is neither recognised nor listed with lspci, or lsusb commands.

The laptop i'm using is HP Pavilion Gaming 15 - ec1011nv Laptop (Ryzen 7 4800H/16 GB/512 GB/GTX 1650 4 GB)

I tried to update the kernel to latest LTS 5.10.16-1-lts but that did not work. The touchpad is recognized during live usb boot as ELAN18:00 at garuda system settings.

Also comparing the lsmod on both live and installed os i did not find any difference on what modules are being loaded (i2c_hid present in both)

What can i do to fix this?

Investigate boot and Xorg logs, to see if there are related messages.
Try other kernels.