EEK! Check this out! Wubuntu...$35?

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My current wallpaper Amy Dark

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Yup…You’re stoned for sure. I wish I was on your left.

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Two things wrong with that:

First and foremost is uBLUNDER
Second takes looking like WindyBLOWS too far and insults KDE Plasma

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So, you are saying KDE & the KDE Store sucks ass? :wink:

Bro I blocked you for a reason. Don’t reply to me.

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! :tongue:

It’s basically just a re-badge of Which mind you was shown to have a big hole in its user license repository.

Can see Dumping Linuxfx customers - A Windows-like distro including the spyware and activation and here Linuxfx: Revenge of the Skids


If we’re going by operating systems that look and feel somewhat similar to Windows, I’d recommend ZorinOS. But otherwise it’s highly recommended to install based on what performs best for your needs, and just re-skin it to look however you want it to look

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