Duplicate system boot options after restore

Hey there,
I noticed some kind of weird behaviour after the 2nd reboot after restoring a btrfs snapshot:
(It detects the same drive as a different install apparently - I don't know if this is intentional)

Why is this?

Inxi -Fxxxza

Try running sudo update-grub. That will hopefully update and fix your grub menu.

Did you only reboot twice, or maybe performed an update after restoring and before first reboot?
I'm asking this only because I remember an identical case in that scenario.
But of course this can be due to something else.

Well yeah, I actually updated, trying to find the faulty package that broke .desktops (with --ignore though)

That didn't help, and it's not really that major, so nothing to worry about xD
Just a little confusing

You could also manually edit your grub config.

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Oh no, I don't think I will
Seriously; I don't know anything about the grub config

I'd try to manually delete them from boot/grub/grub.cfg.
That one is automatically generated at every grub update according to the config.
Maybe you can back it up first.
But probably it is the only way to go.


Well yeah, backing it up may be an option


Nothing can go wrong when you safely delete lines from the grub config.


I mean it. Just backup. Deleting the correct entry shouldn't mess anything up.


Okay, that was easier than I thought - Luckily every grub section is surrounded with some kind of section comments.


Yeah. Linux is meant for this. There are many helpful comments, specially in grub configs.


If nothing help use

man efibootmgr

Oh no, that is scary territory.
I just deleted the corresponding section from the grub.cfg

It's solved?
Mark it, please :slight_smile:

I don't want to consider it as solved; rather feels like a bug that I would be happy to get fixed

I don't think this is a bug.
My understanding is that this can happen if you update after a restare but before a reboot.
This is only something I read anyway, I haven't the skills to confirm it.

Edit: the timeshift readme says "Restoring backups from the running system requires a reboot to complete the restore process" (like our wiki of course), which is an indirect confirmation.

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I updated after the restore & reboot, I am 99% sure
Rather because I didn't expect anything to work, until the restore was actually applied


Ok no prob.
I misunderstood a part of the discussione above :blush:

I have the same problem. I boot Garuda by default and select Windows when needed.
The duplicates poke at my OCD but I can live with it.