Dumb question - Garuda KDE Dr460nized

Garuda has a lot of features I like - ease of installation, everything included out of the box, automatic btrfs snapshots and Chaotic AUR. However, I don't like how it looks and would much rather have the default KDE appearance.
The flagship KDE Dragonized version looks heavily customized and pre-configured as far as the desktop goes, so before installing I am wondering how easy it is to set the desktop to KDE default, are there any specific steps I should know?
There is a KDE Lite version but I don't want a version stripped of all the included software that says it won't be provided with support. I don't mind bloat, it's just the appearance.

Feel free to reset to the default breeze appearance in the KDE settings, making sure to mark the layout option as well. After that, disable latte-dock in your autostart settings and you should be good to go.


Thanks, that will be easy.

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