Dual speaker icons for two settings that could be in one

Why do we have the 2 speaker icons but those settings could be under 1 icon in a n advance tab?
just my thoughts. if this can be done i'd say use the bigger speaker icon but thats me .

One of them is Kmix, you can disable it by removing it from autostart, the other is the system default. Kmix comes under plasma apps group, you can uninstall it with

sudo pacman -Rs kmix

tried got error target not found I'm running xfce version .
the other icon is pulse audio plugin and it just shows volume in browser,vlc, + two sound adjustments.
i've removed it.

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So, your topic is about a suggestion.
Unfortunately it's not a Garuda issue. XFCE provides those utilities.
If one of the two is not necessary for you, you may just remove it from the panel.


yes; sorry but please close.