Dual Boot With Windows 10 and Linux mint

Hi, I am wondering if dual boot is possible with Garuda OS since I read garuda have issues with dual boot on its website.

I currently have 3 OS in my laptop.
HDD- Linux mint and Windows 10.
SSD- Linux mint only

I wanna replace the linux mint of SSD with Garuda OS without harming HDD's OS. is it possible let me know!


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Hi there, welcome to the forum.

No issues at all, if you know how to handle the typical dual (multi) booting pitfalls.
The site, however, says that dual boot is not supported, at least officially, because we are well aware of the variety of issues it can cause, especially because of Windows.
But there is no issue related specifically to Garuda.


The calamares installer allows you to replace a particular partition. Use that.


Thanks everyone.

It's now installed alongside windows and Mint.

After I install the os, Garuda was using 90% Cpu power why? Although it fix after update. So no issues!

That would be a good question for you to answer. :wink:

Next time, check with htop or similar and see.


No garuda-inxi, no help.

Let me guess, baloo.


Actually, I remember baloo using 100% memory, not 100% cpu. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Awful tool regardless