Dual Boot Advice Needed

I have used Garuda KDE Dr460nized enough in a VM to know that I would like to install it on one of my machines. I have used Arch based distros on other machines, but I have always used them from full wipe/install method. The machine I would like to install Garuda on (the only one that I will be happy with performance-wise) is already running Windows 10 along with Elementary OS. Of course, boot/GRUB is already on the 100MB EFI partition. I have never had ANY luck reverting the 100MB EFI partition to stock while removing GRUB. I suspect there are going to be issues if I install Garuda and add another 300 MB bootloader partition. Some distros that want a larger EFI partition will still allow you to install and select the 100MB one, but somehow I don't see that happening with Garuda. Any advice especially from someone who has moved from one dual boot (using the small EFI) to a Garuda dual boot would be greatly appreciated. I will say reinstalling Windows is not an option given the amount of work needed as well as the amount of limited install applications already installed that i don't want to fight with licensing issues. Thanks in advance.

Actually it should be as easy as booting the USB, shrinking Windows partition / creating a new one for Garuda and installing GRUB to the EFI partition that Windows created. Never had issues with that.


I appreciate it. That was my point about some distro installers allowing the 100MB partition to be pointed to even though the instructions call for 300MB. I hope it works.

just for fun i tested it on my dell test laptop running the latest build of windows 10, i did, however, turn off fast boot in windows for safety before i resized. It had no issues with the 100 meg partition. This is my throwaway maching so i don't care too much if it turns into a dumpster fire.
Worked great.


I broke down and did it. It worked great. The Garuda custom GRUB screen booted up and defaulted to Garuda. I was able to change the timeout in the boot customizer, and that held. Changing Windows to the default boot seemed to take the change but reverted to Garuda in custom GRUB and had Garuda listed as default again. I tried changing it one more time to have it change back to Garuda again. I was able to boot to Windows by manual selection in Custom GRUB, so it isn't a big deal. Just wondering if that option is broken, or if it something specific to my machine. Also, I don't see a way to change the GRUB resolution in the boot options. I always changed that to 640x480 with GRUB customizer to make it readable. I can barely read it (I can't read whatever flicks up before the boot options at all) on my 3840 x 2160 default laptop res. Display resolution was the very 1st OS change I had to make (during install along with permanent change of course).


Nice to hear that it suceeded.
If you want to boot Garuda with other OS, Garudas bootloader has to be the first boot choice. GRUB customizer can actually cause problems, just fyi :slight_smile:


Well aware of the GRUB Customizer issues. That is why I have only used it for the small changes that I know didn't break $hit. I am certainly OK with making the delay long enough to remember to change to Windows when I need to. As for the custom GRUB resolution, is there any way to change it to 640X480?

# The resolution used on graphical terminal
# note that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE
# you can see them in real GRUB with the command `vbeinfo'

auto to 640x480

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Thanks. I'll do some digging.

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Great to be here, and thanks to all for the enthusiastic and timely responses.