Drivers issues in my laptop

I have drivers issues, i have AMD cpu ryzen 7 3750h and gpu radeon rx 5500m AMD, where can i get bot cpu and gpu drivers because i have to face some issues with my dragonized flavoure, please help me my laptop is MSi Alpha 15

Default Garuda includes everything you need for your hardware. No need for something extra, unless...

So, describe/explain those issues, rather than searching for a solution to a non-existing problem. :wink:

And Welcome to Garuda!


No bro when i updated my linux system, and saw which drivers are install they where only network and Bluetooth drivers, not any AMD cpu, gpu drivers, not any display drivers,,, help me to get drivers install,,, my requirements are mention in above comment

Bro, when you disagree with me, you need to provide facts, not bla bla bla.
Got it, bro?
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Asked and answered. The drivers are are already installed by default for AMD graphics.

Thread serves no further purpose, it is now closed bro.