Drivers for apu (ryzen 5 3400g)

I want to install garuda on my pc
I have ryzen 5 3400g with integrated vega 11 graphics
Do I need to install drivers
If yes then can you plz provide meπŸ™πŸ»

Did it work with the live usb?
If so you should be good to go?


What if it not?
Then what to do

If you use the search function in the forum with e.g. "vega 11", you'll find several users with it.
I really don't see any risk.
Btw, checking just the USB live is no risk at all...


Ok thanks

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Some users have seen issues with that combination and using a grub kernel boot parameter was required to boot correctly. I don't remember the required parameter off the top of my head, but if you require it, a search should turn up what you need.

Good luck with Garuda.


Thanks I will tell you if I face any problem

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