Dragonized version overheating my laptop

Hello friends, is my first week with Garuda Dragonized and looks fantastic, congratulation for that, juts a feeling that my laptopt Lenovo X1 carbon 7th gen overheat more than the usual, with others distros dont happen, with arch my previous distro also never happen.

Are there something that I have to check or install? or is a normal issue concerning with the functionality of the distro?

Tahnk you so much!

Welcome, @Alejandro :wave:

This is a common question you can find on a forum search.

Use the following to tweak to your liking.

Garuda is a performance-oriented distro.

If you want cooler temps and power-saving, select them. Most warnings regarding conflicta can be answered with Y to enable.

Please document your changes and test them individually, to enable you to quickly revert.


thanks, for cooler temps which option I have to choose?



start by selecting ‘Enable Powersave-Tweaks’ and control fan speeds in ‘fancontrol-gui’.

It’s really up to you - you will not be spoon-fed here, you will be treated as if you have researched yourself (which is highly recommended, btw) This is not meant harshly, so do not take it as such.

Read this and you will understand. This is your system, therefore your responsibility - take control.



thank you for your fast and efficient reply!!


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