Dragonized kde and latte dock app menu

wonder if it would be good to drop latte-dock's window appmenu for default kde's global menu.

reasoning -> kde default global menu as some new features, like search ( search the global menu like in unity's HUD ) ( also available in apps with ctr+alt+i shortcut ).

what do you think ?

Can the Plasma appmenu have a window dragged by simply dragging the top bar? :eyes:

No. I mean, the rest of the latte-dock still does it, but not on the menu section.

OK got it! ( i didn't thought of that, as I don't use that dragging thing )

I got very used to this functionality (noticing this whenever using another DEs top bar which cant be dragged), this was in fact the reason why Latte is used here :smiley:

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fair !! sorry, really, didn't thought of that.

I did search latte-dock's appmenu github, as someone also asked for adding the search functionality there. the dev said it wasn't interested.

its kinda interesting, i will try that for a while ( the dragging thing ) since I don't use titlebars. might come handy.
thanks !

the mouse warping is horrible, though, hate mouse warpings

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