Dragonized - "Add Network Share" missing in Dolphin

In troubleshooting, I've noticed that "knetattach" is not installed by default. My assumption is that it should be, based on testing live images of Manjaro & EOS ... where it is installed and there is an option to add network share.

Should this be in Dragonized by default?

In my attempt to add knetattach from the chaotic-aur, pamac kicked out the following ...

knetattach is part of plasma-desktop
You tried to install the git/dev version which needs the relevant plasma git/dev packages.

$ which knetattach
$ pacman -Qo /usr/bin/knetattach
Ιδιοκτησία /usr/bin/knetattach από plasma-desktop 5.20.5-2

Thanks petsam, that makes sense. Back to drawing board...