Dracut issue


there was just an update of dracut (059-1) and since I get this

sudo dracut -f
dracut: Executing: /usr/bin/dracut -f
dracut: Can't write to /boot/efi/83d5b5c7136742518b8bf6cdd0c5a998/6.4.2-zen1-1-zen: Directory /boot/efi/83d5b5c7136742518b8bf6cdd0c5a998/6.4.2-zen1-1-zen does not exist or is not accessible.

This subfolder doesn't exist indeed, but there was no error before this upgrade.

Any idea?

Installing garuda-bootctl-dracut solved the issue.

Are you using systemd-boot?

Oops, I believe that package never made it out of development and should be considered abandoned:

This command is not specific enough to be run as-is on a Garuda LInux system. At the very least, you would need to add arguments for the path of the initramfs, and the naming convention it should follow.

Garuda Linux has a special command for rebuilding the initramfs, which is tied in to a bunch of custom hooks and scripts:

sudo dracut-rebuild

I am using grub as a bootloader.
I reinstalled garuda-dracut-support and everything seems OK.

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