Dr460nized issue; title bar appearance delayed

I've just installed dr460nized; it is super cool.
But I have a strange issue. When I open an app like for instance when I open dolphin, or firefox, initially they appear without title bar and without the maximize, minimize icons. Then, I wait about 1 minute and the title bar and the icons appear. After that everything is fine; but when I close the app and reopen I have to wait again about 1 minute - with some apps even more - for the title bar to appear.


Wayland still has a lot of bugs with KDE as it's still a work in progress from the KDE developers. If you're using wayland and it's buggy perhaps switch to X.


xorg session solved the problem. The fonts in xorg session also appear sharper.

Is there any way to put the minimize, maximize buttons back to the left?


Generally in KDE you do that through System Settings. Try Window decorations ==> Titlebar Buttons.


Wayland is pretty buggy still thats true, shouldnt be used on Plasma.

@tbg was right. If you want to move the window buttons when maximized (topbar) rightclick on the topbar menu buttons and click the first option (change settings). Since these are provided by a plasmoid the settings arent available in the system settings.


Thanks, but in the dialogue box I don't see any option that would allow me placing the buttons from the left to the right sided.

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