Download performance

Faster update Download performance with torrent would be nice !

my Internet: 1,1 GBit down 0,05 GBit up (Mick Jagger: I can't download .. )

Try a different mirror server. The download rate looks pretty stable so you appear to be maxing out some connection somewhere.

Torrent is not a supported transport mechanism for pacman updates.

That doesn't mean you will get 1.1Gbps at all times - your download rate will vary depending on network conditions, time of day, etc. etc. (unless you have e.g. a leased line?).


what a pity :face_with_thermometer:

With torrent you have a seeding network and a pretty performance !

This is my own line for minimum the next 3 years or more, Garuda with running [email protected] ( high CPU usage and full GPU usage) can only 350 MBit/s down and 45 MBit/s up ( Google speedtest),