Don't have latte dock on the top of the screen

Have you tried resetting Latte to the default config with the Garuda Assistant?
Use krunner to launch it.
How are you updating?
Always use


(just in case)



I'm using garuda-update as usual...
Looking to find how to reset latte...

First try to restart latte from terminal:

latte-dock --replace &

If not working, open krunner with alt+space and search and launch Garuda Assistant, flag Latte and push reset button.


Hey again,

The command in konsole, latte-dock --replace &, did the trick... But if i close Konsole, both are disapearing again...

Try also

latte-dock --replace

From krunner.
If not working, reset config with Garuda Assistant.

When i did latte-dock --replace in Konsole, both docks appears, but again, closing Konsole makes them disappear...

I tried to do a reset of Latte in garuda assistant, but no changes...

Have you logged off & on after the reset?

Yep, but with no changes...

Try delaying latte startup. On KDE startup applications change Latte to eg:
"sleep 3 && /usr/bin/latte-dock"
This is really strange...


That did the trick, thanks a lot :star_struck:
Launching like that


Just a bit sad that i have lost all my latte-dock config...

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Yep, you are so right... But i was so sure that restoring a snapshot was giving me my config back...
So i dont have to be so sure about me... :innocent:

Snapshots are not affecting the home directory by default, that's important to know. If it did, restoring snapshots would basically mean losing a lot of data if we are talking about Documents for example. Anyways, nice to see it solved!


I believe this will not work anymore once upgraded to Plasma 5.25.
On all my machines, all my autostart scripts (*.desktop + *.sh) using the sleep command are failing and don't start anymore (but they do once launched manually).

I am currently troubleshooting this and may file a bug at KDE for starters.

This issue is off topic, but since that solution has been suggested and he is using 5.24.5, it would be very interesting to see if @FenDanT can still start latte-dock delayed with sleep command after he upgrades to 5.25. :thinking:


Unfortunately not... After the update i tried to use the sleep command but the problem still remains. So, at this time i had to delete it, waiting for changes.
I had to use this command because i had some flickering problems with my screen. But yet, without the sleep command i don't have such problems...

Hang on, I found a solution that works fine for me, will be testing it on a totally different machine today and if it succeeds I'll post it here. :slight_smile:


Ok got it. This post will be a bit long but I want to explain some caveats.

I tested this "fix" on 2 physical machines and 3 VMs, all of which have Plasma of course but with different KDE experience, therefore different packages and configurations. It works all the time, good news.

For some reason using the sleep command now returns an invalid time interval error msg.

To my personal experience, cause could be one or many:

  • Plasma 5.25 bug
  • Plasma 5.25 deprecated feature
  • A buggy package updated at the same time as 5.25
  • A package that should be updated now that "maybe" 5.25 is handling this feature differently but that package has not been upgraded yet.

I have tried various syntax with the sleep command, bash -c, etc. and it always fails. I could not find anything in Arch Bug list, KDE Bug list, Plasma 5.25 full Changelog and neither on Whoogle. Maybe 5.25 is too new yet.

So the way to fix it may be a small hack or worse could use a deprecated feature of Plasma which at some point will get removed, but for now it works. And until I find something better I will stick with it.

  • Create folder ~/.config/autostart-scripts
  • In that folder, create file and make it executable
  • Open the file and paste this code:
sleep 3 && /usr/bin/latte-dock
  • MOVE your ~/.config/autostart/org.kde.latte-dock.desktop out of the way in a safe backup folder
  • LOG OUT Plasma
  • LOG IN Plasma

Normally it should start with 3s delay, you can make it 15s delay if you want to make sure it works and revert back to 3 afterwards.
But Plasma also modified a few things... it moved the autostart-scripts folder to old-autostart-scripts and created a in autostart-scripts which calls the shell script in old-autostart-scripts.

Because of the "old" in the folder name, I tend to think this feature is deprecated.
As I said I will continue searching and learning about this, but for now it works.



Just to note, after the Plasma 5.25, the official Latte-dock maintainer has stated that there are too many issues to tackle regarding the "stable" version of latte, so they recommend making sure you are using the GIT version, also found in Chaotic-AUR, which is were future development will occur.

In the official announcement of Latte v0.11 there will be a specific sentence that will discourage the use of Latte v0.10.x or lower version with Plasma 5.25 and above.
If you are using Plasma 5.25 you should switch to Latte git version As.Soon.As.Possible.
P.S Latte v0.11 is officially scheduled for this August


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btw - we will soon be able to provide a fancy solution which doesn't require manual intervention (not a replacement via garuda-update).. stay tuned :slight_smile: