[Done by reinstallation] Help fixing latte dock?

Hello everyone. To make a long story short, I was trying to put Garuda Xfce on freshly partitioned /dev/sdb to test a game that is crashing and changing my reaolution in my KDE. Forgot to select sdb for install and trashed my KDE. Thank goodness I'd partitioned the correct drive with gparted before using the installer so I saved my main home partition. I reinstalled KDE and set home mount to my existing home partition. On reboot, I'm now missing the top latte dock and when I try to bring it up with krunner I get an error. If I could connect to internet and install virtualbox I think I could export a default latte setup from my KDE vm, but I don't know how to set up a wifi connection without the connection applet on that dock. I could also maybe export one from the installer and put it on a seperate usb stick, but I was wondering if any of you might know a better way to handle this. I'm pretty new to KDE. Here's a picture of the error.

What if you try copying /etc/skel/.config/latte into you home equivalent?
Or just with the reset config button in the Garuda assistant


Right click and on dock and select configure latte. Then goto layouts editor, select import> import from local file and select the file provided below.
Switch to this layout and select apply.
Download the file and rename it to " Dr460nized.layout.latte "


Ever heard of nmtui? :smiley: As the name says already, its a TUI application for networkmanager. Pretty handy in cases where graphical management is not available :slight_smile:


Thanks guys . No I'm suddenly not even sure if it was the latte doc I lost. It was the top panel whatever that was but I think I can take care of it. Maybe something went bad on my install I'm going to reinstall.

There is no need to reinstall! First try to restore the default dotfiles using Garuda Assistant and relog, might save you a lot of time actually. I used to do that in my early Linux days as well until I noticed most things could in fact be fixed without reinstallation. :smiley:


Well, these aren't exactly my early Linux days, only my early KDE days and since it was a fresh install just installed it wouldn't hurt a thing to just reinstall it and I found that my panels were exactly the same as I left them so this time I deleted the ~/.config/lattedocrc file and reinstalled a third time. Now I got my panels back the way I wanted them, like a fresh install. I would have let you help me fix them but I didn't know how long a response would take and started trying to fix it before you offered to help. I do certainly appreciate the help though.