Hi. I’m new to Garuda and absolutely love it.
But I’m just wondering how is the project being kept alive?
Is there any funding or donations?

I just read on here in another thread that there is no donations right now.
I will do my part to spread the word about Garuda Linux, but I personally believe that 1. Without funding or donations a distro cannot survive unless it’s a corporate distro and 2. The option to have donations available to users would go a long way to helping the project long-term. Just my 2 cents though.


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In the long term you are correct. As a distro grows, so do the costs for the expanded infrastructure it requires. @librewish is a staunch believer that software in the Linux world should be freely available. To this end, he has committed that his Garuda software should alway be free.

The others involved with the distro have have swayed his opinion to allow contributions. The distro will start taking donations in the very near future. Hopefully this will ensure a long successful run for Garuda and all its users.


I’m really glad to hear that