Do the development team ever plan on sorting the GRUB issue?

As reported before, and as others have reported there are multiple instances of any OS I have in my rig - in my case Garuda, Mint and Windows.
The sad thing is, is that boot repair in Mint does not even recognise Garuda as an OS, as I guess the RAM boot - probably where all the issues come from.
The Garuda GRUB is ideal, it just has multiple entries, and I've tried that tool that people here have recommended that is just as bad - worse even, it sees Mint as Ubuntu, the boot into Garuda is just a boot into the multiple entry of Garuda - only windows works as it should.

The question is, do Garuda ever plan to sort this out? It's not a deal breaker for me, but it's just annoying.

Garuda Linux uses everything to create a good distribution.
If M$ or any other OS does not or will not recognise Arch, Garuda and other Arch based distributions, how can we change that?
We cannot change the other OS.
That's why we mention that we don't support dual boot, although it's easily possible, as you've noticed.
But interference from other OSes is not caused by Garuda Linux.


Unfortunately BTRFS filesystems have this problem if you use a ext4 system as ( / )during installation .
Mint will identify Garuda but then you will lose Snapper functionality


If something goes wrong, you can just reinstall GRUB by chrooting into Garuda since Garuda GRUB should have no problems detecting Windows and Mint.


at a guess, it see's mint as ubuntu because mint is just a modified ubuntu base (unless you use lmde, and that would most likely identify as debian)) with a different not "worse even", but pretty correctly identified .

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Any reason you don't modify the grub entries and label them to your liking?


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