Do I need wifi adaptor for wifite or my laptop inbuilt wifi is sufficient

I was thinking to install wifite but many people were saying I need a wifi adaptor
Is it really necessary or I can use my laptop inbuilt wifi
Note- I am using garuda as daily driver and not using it in vm


Edit your post with garuda-inxi as text and name the many people per name.

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When you use this (and similar) tools, they set your card in a "monitoring mode" while doing their auditing tasks, so your internet connection wouldn't be working.
That's why you need an additional adapter.
See also:

I contradict myself (in part) :blush:. I have far memories of a similar discussion....
The main reason is that often people use a VM, and the connection is seen as Ethernet.
The fact that there is no connectivity in "monitor mode" remains valid, but I have no idea if and how you can use two wifi cards in parallel.
If your card meets the requirements of the application, for sure you can use it. You will use the Internet when you have finished the job...


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