Distrochooser garuda integration

Hey i just would like to advertise a project that seems pretty interesting: distrochooser
It would be great to have support for garuda in this project so someone opened up an issue and it went cold for a while, so i’m here asking for nice comments there. Basically just go there and brag about garuda.


Mine says I should use Arch, by the way. :smirk:

Or…Gentoo?! :grimacing:

Not for nothing, but you have a heck of a way of bragging:

Oof! :face_with_peeking_eye: I think your “nice comments” are a little harsh!

It’s a cute project though, thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:


Have fun with yer new Gentoo. We’ll see ya inna couple weeks. You know, after you get done compiling a browser or s.th.
I crack me up.




where do I stand ? :slightly_smiling_face:


I hate the place where he put garuda

And others were those which don’t have systemd :sweat_smile:


They’ll probably need to add one more question if they add Garuda:

How polished and friendly do you want your distro to be when straight out of box?


Well, they got PCLOS right. I was running it when it hit #1 on Distrowatch. It’s got kinda funky package management, but it all works well together. Or did. It’s been many moons. Back when Texstar–Bill Reynolds–was porking Susan Litton.

Old Review: DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

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I got Arch number 1, and Ubuntu last with like 15 other distros in between.

I guess it’s not wrong. I daily Fedora.

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Yeah, but you’ll be back. I know you will. You know you will. What’s holding you back? Making Vanilla Arch into Neapolitan? I feel your angst. :crying_cat_face:

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I gave the website a shot for giggles as well.
It really didn’t know what to suggest me. Things like Fedora and Arch were high on the list. The list sure went on and on though… 25+ options lol.
I guess that is what happens when Garuda isn’t on there :rofl:


I gave Fedora a try a while back because I was looking for a distro my wife could use so I gave it a shot and literally everything just worked. Scanner, printer, Bluetooth, everything my wife would complain about.

Last year I also started and completed reconstruction on the practice area of my golf course. Extra long work weeks we’re normal thru it and I was too tired to keep up with Arch so when I got myself a legion to play games on to help stop thinking about work I also gave it a shot.

I was on Arch for about 5 years or so and I’m well over a year with Fedora now.

I start reconstruction on a huge chunk of my golf course in another couple months so my free time for the next year or so will be very close to zero again until about this time next year.

I love managing my Arch install. It’s also really nice not doing anything and just enjoying my computer.

Will I go back? Probably. Just unlikely until after I’m done with this out of pure simplicity. I have so many companies, assistants, employees, dollars, etc to manage, for now it’s nice my computer isn’t also on the list.

LOL, Derek, when have you not been overworked? Not since I’ve known you.

But I do feel your angst. But I don’t game anymore, so I take mine out by installing new distributions, then maybe Windows for good streaming (still using 22" monitor for everything), then back to Arch. Only one at-a-time, since I only do bare-metal and only one distro per disk. But instead of 1-128GB SATA SSD & 1-1TB 7,500 rpm Barracuda HDD, now I have two 1TB WD Blue SATA SSDs. Makes it feel like a new computer. Until I buy a new multi-power/data ribbon off Amazon, then I’ll add the spinner back in and be a 1-man, 3-1TB family. :wink:

But those two 1TB SSDs give me the ability to boot more than one OS, so I have Windows on one, gonna unplug it and install Arch on the other SSD this afternoon, boot te Arch SSD first, plug the Windows m.2 SSD back in, and pray systemd-boot picks up Windows and adds it to its menu. There’s an extra, optional (I think) step–copying the Windows ‘/EFI/Windows’ folder into (I think) into Arch’s /boot/efi (I think). I’m gonna have to read up on that last part. It just might make a difference. I think half the time I keep doing this is to try to stay mentally sharp. The other half just trying to get it right, this time.

But it’s been hard doing what I want–I still have some Debian pkgs to port, then write a couple PKGBUILDs–but I’m running easy-peasy Windows because it’s hard finding the time between doctor visits. But it’s my time or my legs so frick 'em, I gotta do what they say. :frowning:

Never grow old, Derek. Never grow old. (Bro-c00ter holds back of hand to forehead.) Sigh

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Never grow up. Getting older is better than the alternative.


I’m always and will always likely be over worked. But for now, I’m happy just ‘dnf upgrade -y && faltpak update -y’ and that’s pretty much 99% of my maintenance.

Twice a year I open software center to click upgrade to go from 38->39 for instance.

That’s it. Game on.

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