Discrepancy between Garuda's DE editions

Hi, just a simple question,

Are the performance and 'under-the-hood' gaming tweaks consistent between each DE?

For example, does the 'KDE Dr460nized Gaming Edition' have better gaming tweaks and enhancements? as opposed to the 'Gnome Edition'.

'Enhancements' such as the ones listed below, and any others to do with performance and gaming.

  1. Improved I/O performance.

  2. Automatic CPU frequency scaling depending on load.

  3. ZRAM enabled by default.

  4. Nohang, an OOM prevention daemon.

  5. As well as Ananicy, which automatically sets nice levels on your system.

Tweak list from the Garuda home page.

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Simple answer


Why should we make good and bad DE's?

The difference is only in the programs included.


I think this is more of a bad thing, but I could be mistaking things. I had to use Performance CPU mode because default On Demand wasn't able to run Starcraft 2 in more than 5 fps compared to Performance with stable 30

Hi, I'm curious about how you went about altering CPU mode? In case I ever have a game do that.

There is CPU tuning program that adjust everything depending on the load, and you will have a lot of issues running games from Lutris (and probably others) if you don't change it to performance mode

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