Discord and Reddit

Hi just a recommendation,

  • One can we please have a Garuda discord server or an IRC chat (forgive me if there is already one ) for a better communication structure not that the forum is bad
  • Can we also have a Reddit server similar to many other mainline distros



If you want you can create one

Though bear in mind .we wont be there


Discord was avoided because the mods dont like the privacy policy of discord. I dont know about reddit tho.


I find it a bit redundant although reddit might be a good idea.

But why not reddit is there is a perticular reason

We have limited time and resources

If someone wants support they have to visit forum
Or they have web search engines, wiki etc


its just a bit clumsy and inefficient for the devs to have so many places to take care of. maybe they'll make it when there are people volunteering to handle it

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Volunteering is a great way I mean if someone is ready to do it why not

Just volunteering is also not enough. The person should be trustable since they have the power to sabotage the project by various means.


Well, there is already reddit community

I am there but I don't have time enough to maintain.
I joined as a member there and don't know who started it.

Same for irc / discord etc.


Guess that's why the mods are constantly telling users to perform a search before they open a thread on the forum. :wink:



I think that forum,wiki and official Telegram group is enough. You have all needee information..Just need to look at the right spot.

And devs here are really great and responding fast :heart_eyes:


Shame that so few people use the subreddit that it isn't helpful. Most of what I see there are basic issues people would solve in a minute or two had they asked here in the forums.


Warhawk15 is the one using the Garuda Eagle logo from our homepage (or my avatar here until last week), no one is asking today if it is allowed.

But at first sight it looks official for everyone.

There is no respect anymore, if you don't cover everything with copyright and patents, everybody does what he wants. Too bad.


Yeah, so sad..no respect nowadays :frowning:


Discord and Reddit both lack privacy features, and here are a lot of people that care about privacy. I would rather create a server on a secure opensource alternative like Wire, Tox, Mumble, Zulip or something.


Well, I think that we have enough support group, that is these forums for now.

Also, we have fb page, twitter, telegram and matrix for user convenience.

I know that there may be be other things that we can introduce, but we want to limit spoon feeding and we want to remove diversion to other channels.

The sole reason for such behavior is to provide reference for future.

That's why we reduced telegram support. Things are lost there very fastly.

So, in my opinion we ain't going to introduce anything else in near future.