Difficulty installing nvidia drivers

Newby any luck with how to install nvidia drivers please.

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Please open your own help request thread and post the following command output in your initial post:

inxi -Fxxxza

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your terminal output here

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I am having the exact same problem as sysope. During my install of Garuda XCFE a few days ago I wasn't able to use proprietary NVIDIA drivers for my 2060 Super. When I did use that NVIDIA setting during install, it would freeze on a black screen. Once I changed the setting to "open source drivers" the install went along effortlessly. Maybe there's something wrong with the NVIDIA packages in the chaotic AUR? I just switched over from Manjaro and that distro doesn't have any issues with their NVIDIA specific drivers. I think the open source drivers are giving me issues with running a program, Runelite, which fails to work when enabling GPU plugins for it. I've been trying to switch over to NVIDIA via the Hardware Configuration settings in the Garuda Settings Manager. Like I said, I'm having the exact same problem. Also, Ive never messed with timeshift after the install which was only days ago, so I'm not sure why this is a problem. My system is also updated and has rebooted many times since it's last install.

Which is what, in your opinion?

Not every case is the same and you haven't described your own problem.
Please start a new topic, if you want help.


You can't be, because your card isn't supported by the 390xx drivers.