Different Scale on two HiDPI Monitors

Hi Guys,

Firstly let me say I love what your doing with this distro. I'm desperate for something to replace Windblows on my XPS15 and this is the best I've seen so far. There is one burning issue though that is stopping me.

My daily setup is to use the 4K laptop monitor and a 4K external monitor together. To make this work I need to Scale the laptop monitor to 150% but NOT the external monitor. So far the only Linux I've used that can do that is Ubuntu with Wayland support.

Is this possible with the KDE version of Garuda? I've tried the live version, but so far haven't seen anything that would allow me to do this.



Some DEs are going this direction, some not there yet. Gnome on Wayland, Cinnamon on anything, and XFCE have that capability so far as I know - but I hear Wayland is coming closer on KDE? Someone who knows will be along... :grin:

It's Wayland that has this capability.
You might want to try Garuda wayfire.
For X11 read this

Of all the "issues" I've seen, this one has to have the least impact.

You can always set the screen resolution rather than changing the scaling.

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Interesting comment @jonathon. Seems to me that MOST people running these newer distro's are going to have hdpi monitors and if they are using them for business, probably more than one.

Would have though that would have been enough incentive to call it a real "issue".

Thanks @petsam,

I'll give wayfire a role and see what it does. I've been down the xradr road before and didn't have much joy previously, but then I didn't spend a huge amount of time on it...

Thanks again.

It is pretty easy.
We could help, if you... at least move your hands a little.
We suffer a lot from requests of magic remote no-hands solutions. :wink:


My point was that your "one burning issue" preventing you from using Linux is easily resolved by setting a screen resolution. It may not be ideal workaround, but it's also hardly a critically important issue.

If there is a DE that support your specific use-case then I'm certain it would be KDE or GNOME.

I know it's not the most glorious de necessarily, but you may want to check out Cinnamon. It's historically had the best hidpi support of all the distros I've tried. You may find it scratches your itch.

I had really good luck using it on my 3k WQHD Thinkpad X1 carbon AND my 4k tv watching football at the same time ( American football, with the odd looking ball and no feet)

Yeh, I get that @petsam :slight_smile: I've got wayfire running on the machine (looks quite nice) but I can't for the life of me work out where I change the screen scaling... Still looking but its all SO small on a 13" 4K monitor for my old eyes :slight_smile:

I'll keep digging, but if I can't get that to work, I might take you up on the xrandr effort.

@jonathon changing the resolution of the monitor is NOT a solution as you well know. Running high res panels at non native resolutions is just a crap answer. Sorry.

Thanks @fbodymechanic, might give that a go too...

That may be YOUR use case, and if it's a big issue for yourself, using a DE with more fully developed HD multi monitor support would seem the best solution. Rather than complaining that a square peg doesn't go easily into in a round hole, you'd probably be better served by using a DE that has better HD multi monitor support.

Business usage is the absolute last concern of Garuda developers, the distro is not targeted towards commercial usage. Rolling distros are a poor fit for production machines in a business environment, so again, not Garudas target audience.

Good luck resolving your issue.


Go to Alllipations menu (Win button) and try settings or display or wayfire. Something should pop. :man_shrugging:

I know exactly!!

I have tried wayfire on Live ISO and it was a lot to learn for me, so I can't advise.


It is for changing the size of elements on the display. It might not be the solution you want, but it will work.

Would you like to complain to the DE developers, or maybe put out a development bounty, rather than insult volunteers on this forum?


So, you have better things to do than reading an article with instructions on how to properly solve your problem.
Until KDE implements this automation to their code, it is possible to scale down/up each monitor display separately.
Or wait for KDE to do it for you...


Very similar thread over on the Arch forum. Will be worth keeping an eye on: