Different problems after update

Hello ! I’ve been using Garuda for about 2 years now (Dragonized version) . Last week, after an update which changed all my configurations:

  1. the red color has turned pink → red text is not readable anymore in my slides
  2. the connection screen (SDDM) does not work any more for Breeze or sweet themes. Only the Dragonized theme seems to work.
  3. I’ve lost a whole series of bookmarks in Brave
  4. My former password for the Garuda forum did not work anymore, I had to create a new account

I’ve checked on the forum and on the internet, but could not find any idea there.

Thanks !

SGS won’t be happy , where is your garuda-inxi ?
Oh and you can revert to a before update snapshot


I suppose it is this ? I’ve no idea what the Garuda-inxi is

Read about the latest plasma 6 update news on forum.

Reboot ↻ , it’s KDE :slight_smile:


Be sure to read through the Plasma 6 migration doc here:


Thanks for the info. I have done the manual change: lookandfeeltool --resetLayout --apply Dr460nized
but nothing changed

In particular, I still have the light pink instead of strong red

Here is a snapshot of the colors in my terminal

Did you try that back then?

Are the colors only wrong in the terminal? If yes:
Settings → Configure Console → Profiles → select Garuda [Default] → Edit → Appearance → Color scheme & font → select Red on Black → Apply.
Is the “red” now displayed correctly?


Dunno who you are, but I’ve noted you have been a very positive influence in the forums. Kudos, and…

Thank you! :smiley:


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