Differences between Firefox and firefox-appmenu?

I wonder about the differences between Firefox and firefox-appmenu (beside that Firefox v85.0-1 and firefox-appmenu is v84.0.2-1) On my desktop (this machine I'm writing) I've got appmenu (automatically) installed and on my Laptop it is Firefox. So I'm asking what are the differences and what to install or keep.

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Well as the name says already Firefox appmenu got compiled with an appmenu patch. Without it wont show up and breaks the appmenu workflow on dr460nized editions.
Since this is an AUR package we will have to wait until its updated, flagged it out of date yesterday already :slight_smile:

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@dr460nf1r3 thank you for your answer. Since I'm not using a dr460nized edition, can I change to the "normal" Firefox?

You can do that, yes :thinking:
In fact you also can on dr460nized, just that there will ne no appmenu then :yum:

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Thanks, so my question is already answered.