Developer of GNOME Version

I am a Made in India fan!
I know that Garuda is an Indian distro but the KDE one is developed by a non-Indian.
I want to know that who is the developer of the GNOME version?
Because I really like GNOME and want to use a Made in India distro.
I know that QTile is Made in India but I don't like the QTile Desktop.


Hm, since a lot of the desktop customization seems to be theming, you could still go with KDE or what you like most and try to find an Indian made theme for it?
at least for KDE there is a theme store where you can find a lot of stuff.

But the main KDE desktop is made by non-Indian.

Open Source software is made by various people across the world. Don't see how its relevant

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Seems you know not much about Garuda Linux.
Check the Garuda webpage "About", it is not a pure Indian Distro.
Two guys founded Garuda Linux, one is not Indian :smiley:


Huh, the lead founder is Indian itself...
But u see, that the abiut page shows that the developer of the OTile one is Indian.
So, I asked that is the developer of GNOME Indian?

Let me put it this way, without me there would be no Garuda Linux any more than without @librewish.

Then you are not really a fan of "Made in India".


Huh? What's the issue and why does it matter? If it's that important to you, go find another OS as Garuda is developed internationally :slight_smile:


Wow! I think you would be better trying another distro. I want to say more but less is best on this subject


See man, Garuda project was first started by @librewish, thats why Garuda you can see as an indian distro. I know you love India as mine. But I want to tell you that see Linux as Linux. Garuda maintainers of each DE are equally respected irrespective of they are Indian or not. Each of the maintainers and team members put great effort to make Garuda better . I personally learn too many things from SGS, dr460nf1r3 , naman, tbg, filo, librewish and many other persons. So use Garuda and don't see its maintainer is Indian or not. I am using gnome which was earlier maintained by @dr460nf1r3 and now its maintained by @SonarMonkey. Each version of Garuda is special. If you love GNOME then use it, that's it.


All clarified and thus closed.

I say you are all wrong. As Arch was invented by a Canadian, all derivative distros of Arch are therefore of Canadian origin. :rofl: