Desktop wallpaper/video playback problem

Not on my Laptop, try resetting latte with garuda-assistant, if you change something on latte dock.

I reset latte with the assistant and re-booted but the Latte Dock still jumps in with every wallpaper change.

It may be worth trying if this still happens with the git package latte-dock-git (uninstall latte-dock first), in the past I have had issues with latte-dock that were fixed in the -git package.

Also, maybe try uninstalling tlp if that is installed on your system.

I switched to the latte-dock-git but the probkem still remains. It is OK, I can easily live with it.
However, I now get the message -
Authentication is needed to run /usr/bin/env as the super user
Vendor = The polkit project

Should I enter my password and let it continue ?

Many thanks.