Desktop Manager?

I'm using Dr460nized Garuda. Can anyone suggest an app to manage multiple monitors? I'm running dual monitors, and I can't seem to find anything that can handle such tasks as configuring the layout, and spanning a wallpaper across both.

About configuring layout, use KDE settings and multiple Desktops, or multiple Activities functions. Latte-dock may contribute on that.
About wallpaper across several monitors, get down of your horse. Magic is in fairy tales for children. But you never know... Try asking your monitors to do it. :mage:

Have a look behind the scenes.
Maybe consider a Display Environment other than KDE?

You can't stop imagination after all!... :slightly_frowning_face:


An alternate way to span monitors with one wallpaper (assuming it is large enough) - use any capable editor to split the wallpaper, and assign them separately to load on each...

This is Linux, and there is always another way to epidermally challenge the feline...


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