Desktop live hardware info

There is always live info about PC specs and usage as in the right of screenshot.
what is this called and how to configure it?

It's called conky and you can read more about the config on the arch wiki
and if you want something specific you could look up conky configs on google and such


Conky is (in some ways) almost an environment of its own - extremely configurable and extendable (mostly using lua scripting language). Simple conkys are easy enough to deploy (and understand) but some experience is recommended for more complex ones. Take a look at what can be done before deciding on what SHOULD be done! :grin:

Specific questions, and general help are available too - but you WILL need to invest some time - or find one you like pre-built.

Point of pride as a Canadian, Conky gets it name from a Canadian comedy series called Trailer park Boys. The character was a deranged puppet called Mr. Conky. If you have a twisted sense of humour Trailer Park Boys is must see TV.