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hi, hope everyone is sane .....

I used to have manjaro in a partition, so I decided to change to Garuda Os (KDE Dragonize Gaming Edition, so I saw the desktop enviroment with a dock and a different menus.

but When I installed it, I have this:

how can I change it.....?


Right-click the dock, goto settings, choose the Garuda panel (it should currently show Plasma), click Switch, and you should be good to go.

Please tell us if this does or does not work.



Are there any "unregular" things done other than installing? :face_with_monocle:


hi, that option does not appear when I right -click on the dock,
when I install Garuda, I just erase the partition when I usually have installed manjaro, I have /home in other but I did not touch it.

I thing that there are some old settings in /home that always affects new installations, I have always had those kind of problems

yes, I have problems with my 2 displays(screens), with my steam games I can not select the screen I want to run the game and the settings are too basic. even in the game just recognizes one screeen not 2,

I can not drag the little screens in the displays settings, when I do that the whole window (settings) move.

That will do it about every time. Best to clear out all those hidden folders/files when doing what you do. :wink:


You can press the button that says apply defaut configs in garuda assistant.


Did you add that /home partition to your Garuda installation and used the same user name? (you shouldn't)

If you keep Ctrl key pressed, you should be able to drag the monitors.


it works.... Thanks to all Garuders Here....

thanks for ur help. :upside_down_face:

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